International Hospitality Investment Group (IHIG) Pakistan is a subsidiary of IHIG UK-headquartered in London, which is formed by a group of investors, having expertise in investment and hospitality industry.

The group is built with the purpose to identify up and coming ideas in the hospitality industry and create a profitable value proposition for its stakeholders by implementing those unique ideas.

The inception of the group took place in 2017 when IHIG started exploring the cities of Tbilisi and Batumi in Georgia. The initial ideas was to acquire a hotel there due to high influx of tourists in the state and the possibility of higher returns for the stakeholders.


Concurrently, a group of entrepreneurs from Pakistan came up with the idea of not only renting the hotel rooms to the customers for nightly basis, but by selling vacation ownerships to families for longer duration of time. The opportunity seemed even more lucrative than the traditional hospitality business of renting hotel rooms. The idea was to build the hotels for a purpose-to create better value proposition for the stakeholders. The group decided to put the hotel acquisition plan in Georgia on hold and decided to try the value-added plan in Pakistan first. IHIG then redirected its attention towards vacation ownership plans in Pakistan. It led to the creation of IHIG Pakistan with an aim of working on the vacation ownership business in Pakistan while IHIG worked in Georgia through a JV-partner.

IHIG Pakistan aimed to establish a global resort exchange program, the first of its kind in Pakistan with the aim of providing endless travel opportunities to Pakistanis and redefining tourism in Pakistan.

The company’s main objective of consideration is “Happily”-its lifestyle and travel brand launched to provide the timeshare traveling opportunities to people in Pakistan. The brand mantra is that of making family vacations fun for the customers. The brand aims to help people have a fun vacation with their loved ones every year.