52, Married

CEO (Global) – Private Equity Gateway Group
VP (M and A) – TKK Capital Limited

Andrew grew up in Brisbane, Australia before attending University where he studied LAW graduating with an LLB. He achieved this having studied part time while working in his first proper job in a legal practice which he started at the age of 17 after leaving school.

Being the youngest son of working class parents who were always actively involved in helping many others in society, it was always Andrew’s aspiration to do the same on a worldwide basis. As a result, Andrew left the legal profession in the early 1990’s, and embarked on his career as a serial entrepreneur, and C suite businessman.

Most recently, Andrew has been CEO (Global), of Private Equity Gateway Group (11 years), and overseen its growth across many sectors and regions.

From his work with Private Equity Gateway Group Andrew has, and continues to hold interests in a number of significant, successful companies and organisations, in the fields of software development, big data analytics, consumer credit, hybrid financing, investment vehicles, Pre IPO entities (one of which recently experiencing a x10 times multiple in 15 months on the ASX), coal highwall mining and offtake, tech platforms, intuitive learning platforms, education, training, and many more.

Andrew is also involved in a number of charitable trusts and initiatives around the world to continue the legacy instilled in him by his upbringing.